Are you interested in submitting a short story or other form of creative media short (such as photos, film clips, radio broadcasts) to SolQu Shorts.com?

If so, thats fantastic. SolQu Shorts is intended to be a completely free shorts website that is open to everyone. So we’d love to hear from you.

But we do have to have some clear guidelines for submission so that we can maintain the high quality content of the site. So please read below before submitting. You will find our contact details at the end of the page.

SolQu Shorts was set up to help newly emerging writers and creative sorts gain profile and publicity. Our aim is to help promote your work and develop your name (brand) in the online world of writing, the arts and publishing. We will not promise you the earth and it is a shared working experience. How far you can help promote the site along with your contributions is crucial. We want the world to read your work, but the world does need to know about it. So we do ask that you become involved, even if its just for a week or two, with the sites promotion online. Ways of doing so are listed below.

Please note that this is not a commercial site. It is intended to be free to read and does not pay for contributions.

Submission Guidelines

(1)   All submissions must in English and accompanied by the URL for the a guest author’s blog or site  and/or links to published articles written by them. We are happy to link to amazon pages or other places that may contain your published work for sale. We do not ask for a commission.

(2)   The submission must be relevant and in the shorts format required. Text based documents need to be submitted as word documents. We are happy to accept works in almost any genre but we cannot and will not accept the following: work of an adult nature, pornographic content, racist or homophobic views or any other work that could be considered of an extreme or offensive nature. We always reserve the right to say no to contributions.

(3)   The  submission must be original, new and unique, of reasonable length, and those including images and/or media must meet the requirements below:

  • Original – The person submitting a short must be the author of the short submitted. We accept no responsibility for the content of your short and insist that it must be copyright free.
  • New and Unique – Posts containing content previously published in digital or printed form anywhere else before will not be accepted for publication unless the copyright has expired and the author is free to allow use on our site. We do not accept work currently under copyright with a third party and insist the author must check this fact and accept all liability for work submitted.
  • Reasonable length  – The minimum length is 800 words and maximum length is 5500 words;
  • Images Media – Images and media must be royalty free or used in accordance with their license. We do work with certain artists who promote their work on flickr and an accrediting link will always be posted with the short content. We are happy to accept image submissions but again must insist you retain copyright and they are your original wor.

Terms of Agreement

(1)   SolQu Shorts does not retain copyright of your work indefinately. We do ask though that you do not post or publish the content submitted elsewhere for a period of one month after submission is accepted. SolQu Shorts does not accept any form of liability for work you submit and merely acts as a promotional site for your work.

(2)    We agree to provide a byline link from the guest author’s username to a webpage of their choosing. We ask that guest authors reciprocate links with us in their own websites/blogs/pages

(3)   SolQu Shorts does not offer an editorial service so we expect all submissions to have already been proof-read and edited to a professional standard. Sub-standard work will not be accepted for submission as we wish to maintain a high quality site.

(4)   We  reserve the right to refuse to publish any submission for any reasons we deem relevant and will notify the author of our refusal to publish by email.

(5)   We ask that all authors or contributors work with us to promote their work and to help generate traffic to the site. After all it is in all of our interests to generate as many readers as possible. We would recommend contributors using the following tools to promote: links on webspages, blogging, facebook, twitter, relevant writing/reading groups, stumbledupon, reddit, digg and delicious. We do not accept responsibility for your actions and would ask that you promote in an ethical and professional manner.

(6)   Solqu Shorts will promote your work using the following tools; our twitter account, our facebook pages, StumbledUpon, Reddit and cross-linking with bloggers.

(7) Your work will be on the main frontpage (with featured image) for a minimum of one week and will will repost the work at least once more at a later date (normally within a month or two). All work will remain in the archives indefinately unless you ask for it to be removed and it will be filed under both your name and relevant genre lists.


Still interested? In fact are you postiviely galvanised and champing at the bit to get in touch? If so we really would love to hear from you. Please email us at solqu@hotmail.co.uk

We look forward to working with you.



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