Neal James

I was born, and still live, in Derbyshire. I moved from my parents’ home in Aldercar to Heanor when my wife and I married, and have been there since that day in 1976.

I began writing in 2006 when a short story competition came to my attention. My entry didn’t win, but it gave me the impetus to try my hand at it further. I found a couple of writing sites, and got some very encouraging reviews. I write because I enjoy it, and now that my books are stocked by major UK book store groups, that enjoyment has increased considerably. All authors hope for one of their works to become a best seller, and I am no different in that respect.

My influences depend upon what I am writing at the time. Favourite authors come to mind, and these are:

  • James Patterson and Val McDermid (Crime)
  • Isaac Asimov and Frank Herbert (Sci-Fi)
  • Thomas Hardy (Drama)
  • James Herbert (Horror)

I have written four published works to date, and all are available in hard copy and Kindle format.

Just click on the front cover of each book to find out more:

Short Stories Volume One (ISBN 9781905809608)





Two Little Dicky Birds – A murder mystery (ISBN 9781905809936)





Threads of Deceit – A crime thriller (ISBN 9781907728266)





A Ticket to Teweksbury – A spy thriller (ISBN 9781905809349)






Check out Neal James’ contributions to SolQu Shorts below:

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