As the song goes, its been a long strange trip. I have had jobs in the past, and each one has been a learning experience.

Thirty years in business in all facets has given me a keen sense of the business world. How ever going from retail stores, and clothing manufactuers to an internet business has been an experience, and a fun challenge.

I invite you to stop in and share your thoughts on Atomic Publishing. You can check out the site at: http://atomicpub.com/ .

The books I have, I wrote during the ten years I was taking care of my Mom. Sun King I sold twice, to only have one publisher try to scam me “Erica House,” and another went out of business “JoNa Books,” before they could publish it. Hunter’s Moon was almost bought, but they did not like the ending, and did not know how to change it. I love the ending, and have no plans on changing it.

I have published a number of short stories, and the book I wrote with my Mom. The book was written at the time I was on a learning curve, and I am not proud of it. However it is my Mom’s story, and I left as true to her writing as possible. What I am proud is that she had a book that she could hold in her hands, and see before her eyesight failed her. I will not apologize for it, nor do I endorse buying it. I tried to get them to let me rewrite it, but they refused. The contract is still valid as far as I know, but my Mom has passed away so all royalties goes to the publisher, and not me, or anyone in the family.

Stories on SolQu Shorts by Roger L . James

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