That’s a really good question…just what is a short story?

Here at Solqu Shorts we define the short story as ‘a story that takes place over a limited number of pages and involves a focused storyline with one clear aim or outcome.’

Now that’s not quite the textbook definition and frankly any definition is going to be incorrect because the short story is fundamentally going to be whatever the writer and the reader want it to me.

Throughout this section we have tried to set about defining and explaining the short in all its forms. Feel free to peruse the articles at your leisure and we hope you find them informative.


– Defining the Short Story

– The History of the Short Story


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3 thoughts on “What is a short story?

  1. Awesome site you’ve got here, it’s a great concept and you’ve executed it well. Do you mind if I add you to my blogroll? Also, might hit you up with a short story sometime soon.

  2. Both would be a pleasure. Would be wonderful if you can add us to your blogroll. We run the site for free to help writers get heard, build readership and promote their work, so the more links the better as its all about giving readers something of high quality for free.

    As for the short story contribution, that would be amazing. Just go to the submissions pages and you can see how to get in touch there

    many thanks

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